Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heather's Simple New Year's Resolution

I’m a little late chiming in on my resolutions this year, but I still have felt like this January was a new beginning for me in a lot of ways. Stuff was intense last year, and the New Year seemed to me a sign of hope and good things.

My life is very quiet and small right now, like a winter day. Some of the slowness is being physically enforced since my chronic illness has relapsed and I spend most of my day in bed. But, like Natalie Goldberg’s teacher once told her: “if you go deep enough in writing, it will take you everyplace.”

I recently read an article where NYT bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand said something similar. She has the same condition as I do, and in the interview she talked about how writing was a way to escape the stillness and confines of her body, to vicariously experience life and freedom through the subjects she writes about.

So my resolution is simple this year: enjoy writing as a gift, and find out what new places it can take me.

Link to the interview with Laura Hillenbrand, if you’re interested: here.

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