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Brave New Words Schedule & Up-Coming Topic List

Brave New Words Calendar

Regular Author Schedules (alternating):
Mondays: Heather A. & Jennifer B. (& once a month, Catherine K.)
Tuesdays: Emily H. & Jay K. (& last Tues. of month, Debra Driza)
Wednesday: Lenore A. & Jessica S. (& last Wed. of month, Kristen Simmons)
Thursdays: Jodi M. & Jennifer R.
Friday: Friday Reads (Susanne W.), Veronica R alternating w/ (once a month each, Claire M. and Genn A.)
Sundays: Liz Norris, Shari Arnold

Upcoming Topics
August 1st-7th:
Heroes! Who’s your favorite hero/anti-hero in book/tv/movies? How does the hero/main character of your novel compare?

August 8th-14th:
Beginnings and Endings: how did you decide where to start your story? And endings, what are your thoughts on them? Are you a cliff-hanger kind of person, do you like total resolution, are you writing a series, a stand-alone? How does that affect your beginnings and endings?

August 15th-21st:
-supporting characters (the ones you never think much about while reading, but become essential in building a story and rounding out a 3-dimensional main character and plot)

August 22nd-28th:
Favorite ways to figure out plot (like laundry, shower, exercise).

August 29th-September 4th:
-The dreaded MIDDLE (experiences slogging past the middle of a manuscript and pushing through to the end!)

September 5th-11th:
Favorite scene in the story (probably best to be vague this early) and what inspired it.

September 12th-18th:
-Back to school (like, anything to do with characters going back to school, skipping school, the tricks of making plot move forward if characters are in school, school in a dystopian environment, etc)

September 19th-25th:
Writing schedules - how often people get to write and whether they have a schedule, or just squeeze it in where they can.

September 26th-October 2nd:
-Revision (input on our revision processes, what works for us, what doesn't, what essential things we feel we 'need' in order to enter the revision cave)

October 3rd-9th:
First time they knew they wanted to be a writer.

October 10th-16th:
-Being edited (the process, what we expected vs how it actually is, etc)

October 17th-23rd:
Favorite writing distractions (internet, yarn, Angry Birds).

October 24th-31st:
Halloween Theme