Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brand Spanking New

Last night I started my new book. After working on the same two novels for the last few years I have been looking forward to working on something new. But with that feeling of excitement comes a whole lot of fear. I don't actually remember what it feels like to start at the beginning. I've been revising and copy editing for so long that the idea of starting from nothing kind of freaked me out.
There is nothing more terrifying than a blank document.
I wondered if I would actually be able to do it. Could I manage to put words down on the paper that would make sense? Would those words eventually become a story? And with those words would I make a connection?
But today I'm happy to report that I made it to chapter two. Two thousand words and ten pages later and the story is all around me. My head is overwhelmed with ideas. Just like that, I'm back to writing. Now I'm not a planner. I rarely know what's going to happen before I get there. And I love that. I love the surprises that pop up, the characters who continuously catch me off guard. And last night while I was writing, this new world took shape and began to spin around me faster than I could get it down.
But I have to say, if not for music, I would still be staring at that blank document.

I hope you enjoy.

Shari Arnold is the author of MYSTIQUE coming Fall 2012 from Chronicle Books. Check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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