Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have to admit I like kissing scenes. I like writing them and I like reading them.
So if you ask me what scene from Mystique is my favorite I'm going to tell you it's the one where, well, you know.

The other day I was having this amazing conversation with my editor (I'm fully immersed in round two of edits) when she said, "What if...?" and my mind floated off to that place where I make stuff up.

And you'll never guess what we talked about. Another kissing scene!

So that's why my favorite scene is a scene I haven't finished writing yet. I've played it out in my head a few times and thrown a couple ideas down on the page but when it comes time to write the scene out I know it will morph into something altogether different.
Because romance is spontaneous, not planned.
At least that's how I like it.

I love a good action scene and I LOVE to get all stressed out, wondering what's going to happen next, but I thoroughly enjoy that moment when the two main characters finally come together and realize that what they're feeling is far more powerful than:

1. The end of the world
2. Their loyalty to a best friend
3. The scary things that go bump in the night
4.The pain and heartache that threatens to tear them apart.
5. All of the above

Now I know I shouldn't admit to this considering I write Sci-Fi but I'm not a big Star Wars fan.
When my friends were all blah-blah-blah-Luke-Skywalker I was totally bored until Han Solo started making eyes at Princess Leia.

See. Sci-Fi has something for everyone.

And kissing definitely makes things more interesting.

Even movies with lightsabers and droids.

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  1. I love kissing scenes too!!


  2. Me too. I loved the relationship between Leia and Han. Great post!