Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Reads!

Find out what we're reading this week:

Heather Anastasiu
I just started Jocelyn Davies' A BEAUTIFUL DARK last night, and I'm loving the set up in the first few chapters. Mysterious hunky strangers FTW!

Catherine Knutsson
I'm in the middle of THE RED MARKET (non-fiction), by Scott Carney, which is about the trafficking of human organs, blood, body parts, and children.  It's fascinating, and yet, just as gruesome as it sounds...

Lenore Appelhans
I am halfway through PAST PERFECT by Leila Sales.  That girl cracks me up!  The story is so funny, sweet and pitch perfect.  I was grinning like a loon on the plane yesterday.

Jodi Meadows
I'm reading UNDER THE NEVER SKY by the fabulous Veronica Rossi. The worldbuilding has me floored. I'm loving every single page.

Veronica Rossi
I'm reading Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson. It has one of the most incredible openings I've ever read. Loving it so far!

Elizabeth Norris
I'm reading ADRENALINE by Jeff Abbott. It's one of the most intense openings I've ever read. The main character, Sam, is so awesome, and I really love the way Abbot has structured the book. I've been literally sitting on the edge of my seat, tense and waiting to find out what's
going to happen.

Susanne Winnacker
I read INCARNATE by our own Jodi Meadows and I loved it. Fabulous world building. Awesome action with sylphs, dragons and laser pistols, and a great love story between Ana and Sam!

What are you reading?


  1. I'm slowly dying over here! I want to read Incarnate and Under the Never Sky sooooooo bad!
    I'm currently reading The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegan.

  2. As always, so jealous of your friday reads. Enjoy!