Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Reads!

Another edition of Friday Reads! Find out what we're reading!

Heather Anastasiu:

Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross. This recent release is steampunk with a delicious paranormal flavor. I'm a little over halfway through and I'm loving it!! It's a great mix of a perfectly paced mystery, excellent characterization, and romance. Love, love, love it!

Jennifer Bosworth:

I just started NOTHING, a Danish YA novel about a teen who decides in the middle of class one day that there is no meaning to life. He goes outside and climbs a tree and decides to stay there because nothing matters, and his classmates, desperate to get him to come down, begin to build a shrine to meaning for him in order to convince him he's wrong. But they discover as they build their shrine that the meaning of life is not what they think it is. Isn't Denmark supposed to be the happiest place on earth? It can't be if they're producing directors like Lars Von Trier and books like NOTHING.

Veronica Rossi:

I'm reading a really beautiful novel called INCARNATE by a certain someone you all might know. (Hellooo Jodi Meadows!) It's so lovely and unique. Adventure + Romance + Dragons + Lasers + Reincarnation = WIN

Jessica Souders:

I'm reading THE IRON KNIGHT by Julie Kagawa. I started this series a few months back because someone gave me the first book, but I fell in love with the characters, especially Ash. Since this is his story, I've been waiting so very impatiently to read it. I'm only a few chapters in, but I can't put it down. It's even better than the other books in the series and well worth the wait. :D

Lenore Appelhans:

I finished LEGEND by Marie Lu on Tuesday, and I haven't been able to read anything since. The main conflict is set up so well - fugitive Day against military teen June who are more alike than they know. I adored every minute of it!

Jay Kristoff:

I'm reading DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. A little late to the party, I know.
For the record, I would have picked the knife. :P

Jodi Meadows:
I'm reading Victoria Schwab's THE NEAR WITCH. It's haunting and lovely, and I never want it to end.

Elizabeth Norris:
Several weeks ago I started George R. R. Martin's series, A Song of Fire and Ice, which is amazing. This week, I just finished A FEAST FOR CROWS and now I'm reading the newest book, number 5, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS and so far it's amazing. I think what I love most about this series is the world. It's so complex with such a well drawn out and complex history. Each book, I learn more about the past and the culture, and each character's remembrance of the past is colored by their own experiences. It's brilliant.

What are you reading? Have you read any of the above books?


  1. Ooh, what awesome friday reads! I really liked Nothing, it was so different than what I usually read but so good. And I can't wait to read Legend, i've been hearing so many awesome things about it! :)

  2. OOH, such good books! I loved LEGEND, it's one of my favorite books this year, and I'm just about to start THE NEAR WITCH. Actually, DIVERGENT, THE IRON KNIGHT, and GIRL IN THE STEEL CORSET are also on my TBR pile. And I can't wait to read Jodi's!

  3. I *just* started GIRL IN THE STEEL CORSET and love it so far! I'm beginning to wonder if I should start THE IRON series. :D