Thursday, November 3, 2011

ALTERED Character Interview

One of my favorite writing exercises is the character interview.  So when I read this week's topic, I was insanely excited. And since I couldn't pick just one character from ALTERED to interview, I decided to pick two and have one interview the other. 

Nick & Cas are two of the four boys from ALTERED. They're very much a family, albeit a dysfunctional one. 


Nick: (peruses list of questions, eyes moderator) This seems like a massive waste of time.

Cas: (smirks, turns to moderator) He has trouble reading. Just give him a minute.

Nick: (scowls at Cas, clears throat) What do you like to do with your time? Besides annoy the hell out of me.

Moderator: Please stick to what’s written on the paper, Nicholas.

Cas: (laughs) Like any growing boy, I like to eat. Chocolate. Cookies. Marshmallows. Doritos. I like to BBQ. Anything is better BBQ’d. You know what I mean?

Nick: Who is most important in your life? (snorts)

Cas: Hmm. Let me see. I would have to say Sweet Baby Jesus. And his dad, for giving me these guns. (flexes biceps)

Nick: That's your answer? Jesus?

Cas: (spreads out arms) Who else am I going to say? You?

Nick: Sam? Anna?

Cas: Well, duh. Anna, yeah. She makes me cookies. And Sam was the obvious answer. I don’t want to disappoint the readers with the obvious answer.

Nick: That’s assuming anyone even reads this shit.

Cas: Next question, babe. (snaps fingers)

Nick: (grumbles) Boxers or briefs?

Cas: Commando.

Nick: Dog or cat?

Cas: Cat. I like kitties. I’d name mine Mr. Fluffy Snuggles. If I had one.

Nick: Jacob or Edward?

Cas: Pfffttt. Emmett. Dude’s got a badass Jeep.  

Nick: Pancakes or French toast?

Cas: Can’t pick between the two. Next.

Nick: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Cas: On a white sandy beach. Hopefully annoying the hell out of you.

Nick: You’re such a fuc—

Moderator: Nicholas, if you could please refrain---

Nick: (throws list of questions) I’m not doing this.

Cas: (watches Nick leave room) Come on! We were on a roll!


Jennifer Rush is the author of ALTERED coming Fall 2012 from Little, Brown. Check out her blog for news and updates. 


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA...why is next fall so far away? Loved this!

  2. Seriously, I choked on my chocolate chip muffin laughing... Already in love with their makeshift family dynamic! I can't wait to get to know them better! <3

  3. LOL, they both sound like great characters :-)

  4. OMG I must read this book now. Hilarious! I can't wait!

  5. *dies laughing* These boys crack me up so much! Phrases like "Sweet Baby Jesus" (instead of simply baby Jesus) and "Mr. Fluffy Snuggles" especially made me giggle. :P

  6. Erica --- You know I'll hook you up, guuurrrl.

    P --- I love that you choked on your chocolate chip muffin. That makes me a happy writer. I am also glad you survived.

    Petra --- Thanks!

    Kristen --- Yay! Thanks! I can't wait to share it with people.

    Heather --- Cas is definitely the entertainment. I don't mind writing him at all!

  7. Hahaha! OMG I love both of these boys already! I NEED this book in my life NOW!