Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: The Power of Positive thinking.

It’s the new year and so a lot of people are thinking about those resolutions.  But I don’t. I haven’t made a resolution in several years actually. Now that’s not to say I don’t have goals for the upcoming year.  I do. But I’ve always felt that resolutions are too easily tossed aside, but goals aren’t so easily forgotten. At least to me.

For the past couple of years, my goals were publishing related.  Write 2 novels. Get an agent. Get a publishing contract, etc.  But this year on top of writing goals, I have another one that’s probably more important than any of those other ones.  It’s to be more positive.

I’ve always been a person who ended up seeing that glass as half-full, which does have some benefits.  Such as almost never being disappointed. If you always expect the worse, than when good things happen, it’s a surprise.  But it’s not where I want to be anymore. It’s entirely too stressful.  Plus it makes my DH angry when I’m always pessimistic.  LOL.

So my goal is to try to remain positive. No matter what.  If something bad happens, I try to look at the plus side.  There’s generally at least one! 

But it hasn’t been easy.  It’s like fate knows my goal and is throwing everything she can at me to see if I can do it.  But one of my favorite qualities about myself is my stubbornness (although I doubt my DH would agree it’s a quality. LOL.)  and I’m not going to give up on myself until it’s no longer a struggle to be a more positive person and to see the rainbow through the rain. 

So, QFU, what’s one of your goals/resolutions for the year?

J.A. Souders is the author of RENEGADE a YA dystopian that takes place in an underwater utopian society, coming Fall 2012 from Tor Teen.  For more information visit her blog or website.


  1. What a lovely blog! My resolution this year is appreciation. I'm going to move slower, take my time and really be thankful for every gift in life.