Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Character Interview with Evelyn Winters from RENEGADE

Hi y’all!  I’m super excited to do today’s post.  I have managed to snag a recording from an interview an unnamed reporter (the poor dear) did with my character Evelyn Winters. I have transcribed them below. While I’m not positive of the exact date, from certain things Evelyn says, I do believe this interview takes place just before the events of RENEGADE. 

In fact, I’m fairly certain this interview takes place the day before RENEGADE starts. 

Happy reading!

<recording start>

REPORTER:  Thank you so much, Ms. Winters, for agreeing to do this interview with me and, of course, to Mother for allowing it.  We all know this wouldn’t be happening with out Mother’s…er…graciousness.  How are you today?

EVELYN:  My life is just about perfect.

Reporter: Um…okay, then.  I’ll just be asking some basic questions about you and your life here. Is that all right?

EVELYN:  Of course.  I am here to serve. *smiles, smoothes skirt over knees*

REPORTER: Evelyn--do you prefer Evelyn?--tell me a little about yourself.

EVELYN: It is a pleasure to meet you.  Actually, most Citizens refer to me as Miss Evelyn, which is as Mother likes it.  However, I much prefer Evie for some reason. Even though I don't ever recall anybody actually ever calling me by that name very odd.

I don't suppose it matters.

Anyway, I am the Daughter of the People in our wonderful city of Elysium.  Mother hand chose me to be the heir to her position as Governess.  It is both a privilege and an honor to serve our city so completely.

REPORTER: Elysium?  Where is that, Greece?

EVELYN:  Greece?  That was a Surface city. Before The War, right?...Are you a Surface Dweller? *looks around for Mother* How did you get down here?  How did you get passed the turrets?! SDs are strictly forbidden.  You had better leave before Mother finds out what you are and sends an Enforcer.

REPORTER:  No, everything's fine.  No need for...Enforcers, did you
say?  Never mind all that.  Why don't we talk a little more about you?
What are you into?

EVELYN:  Into? *frowns, looks down* It's just a dress. The same as all female Citizens. You don't wear dresses? That’s against the dress code.  Are you sure that you aren't a Surface Dweller?  

Well, I suppose it IS a pretty dress. Mother had the dressmaker sew it just for me.  Do you like it?

REPORTER: Your dress?  Oh yes, it's nice.  But I was wondering about your interests.  What do you like to do?  You know, what kind of music do you like?  What's your favorite movie?  That sort of thing.

EVELYN:  Oh, I apologize for misunderstanding. I had never heard of that word “into” used like that before. 

I like the music that plays in my gardens. Father had them built for me, you know.  It relaxes the mind and spirit and, of course, I enjoy the classics.  Mozart. Beethoven.  It is very rewarding to play them on my violin.  I do not get to the Cineplex very often, so I do not have a favorite movie, I’m afraid.  I am much too busy with my duties and learning how to rule this city.

REPORTER: Ohhhh-kaaaay.  So, you're like, the princess, huh?  What do you have to do?

EVELYN:, I...I am in charge of request day!  It is a VERY important task to make sure the Citizens have everything they require to lead full and productive lives, so they may serve our city completely.

REPORTER: Okay, maybe we should move on.  Tell me about Elysium.  Where is it?

EVELYN: You are very strange.  Are you SURE you're not a Surface Dweller?  Why are you so concerned with where we live?  *sigh* Well, I don't suppose it would hurt to tell you.

Elysium is a fully self-sustained city located on the ocean floor and nestled cozily in a volcanic trench to best use the natural resources provided to us by the geothermal energy of the volcanic tubes.

*Smiles* Since I know what your next question will be, let me just continue.

The city is spilt into several Sectors that are separate, but connected to each other through various glass tube walkways. This is in case of a leak. Each Sector can be separated from the rest of the city until Maintenance personnel can locate and repair the problem. Each Sector designates a different function needed by the city.  Medical, engineering, science, etc.

In turn, they are all filled with Citizens who've been Sorted into their Designations by their genetics to ensure only the very best are servicing our city in the most suitable way possible.

REPORTER:  *blinks*  Oh.  Right.  Bottom of the ocean.  I...forgot.  So, um, let's get back to you.  Do you have a boyfriend?

EVELYN:  *blushes* yes I suppose that is the common term.  As Daughter of the People, and a designated Breeder, my MOST important duty, now that I'm 16, is to provide Mother with another heir after me.

Only the most suitable young men have been chosen to be my suitors and I have narrowed the list to one young man in particular.

*smiles* His name is Timothy and he's a metal worker from Sector Three.  His genetics are a perfect match for me.

*leans forward and whispers* Between you and me, we're supposed to be meeting each other later.  I have a feeling he's going to ask me to Couple with him.  Isn’t that fantastic? *big sappy smile*

REPORTER:  *mutters* Yeah, that's not creepy. *clears throat* So, uh...tell me more about these...what do you call them?  Surface Dwellers?  You don't seem to like them much.

EVELYN: According to Mother, Surface Dwellers are beasts who live on The Surface.  Surface Dwellers are forbidden. The War has corrupted and turned them into savages.  Surface Dwellers are contemptible.  Nothing more than heathens who'd just as soon kill you as look at you. They will taint our city with their hate and violent ways and should be shot on sight.  *frowns*  Are you sure you're not one?

*door slams open* *sound of multiple feet rushing into the room*

REPORTER:  Hey!  What are you doing? That’s my equipment. Who are you people?

*sound of a gun shot, then a body hitting the floor*

Another woman’s voice, presumably Mother:  Come along, Evelyn.  Let the Enforcers clean up.  Dr. Friar says you missed your appointment again.  You know how much I detest when you don’t keep appointments. 

<End recording>

J.A. Souders is the author of RENEGADE a YA dystopian that takes place in an underwater utopian society, coming Fall 2012 from Tor Teen.  For more information visit her blog or website.

 Photo Credit: Jessica Grimm Photography


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