Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Distracts Me

This week we're supposed to talk about writing distractions. I think it would have been easier for me to write about what doesn't distract me. Actually, this post probably would have been empty. Because I can find something interesting in a paperclip if I'm supposed to be writing.

Take this post for instance. I could have simply written a paragraph or two about Twitter and TV, but instead Photoshop distracted me with all the pretty fonts! and pictures! and now this post comes to you with visual aids.

Let's start with the biggest distraction, shall we?

Nothing makes me happier than Twitter. Writing at the same desk everyday in the same house surrounded by the same people can be depressing. Twitter makes me feel less alone.

Plus, it's nice knowing you're not the only crazy writer person out there.

If you know me, you know I am boy crazy. I like my Gosling. My Worthington. My Pitt (it's Michael these days). So this one will certainly not shock you.

I don't have to explain this one.

Or this one. 

I call it imagery research. My husband calls it staring off into space. What does he know?

I really have no excuse for this one. Except that I'm a girl. 

Jennifer Rush is the author of ALTERED coming Fall 2012 from Little, Brown. Check out her blog for news and updates.


  1. Lol, yes, yes, and YES, especially to the Salvatore brothers ;)

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with visual aids. Especially when they come with Damon Salvatore. Hell, I'd even take Jeremy!

  3. You crack me up with your visual aids! The Vampire Diaries knows how to bring the pretty ... yum!

  4. Vampire Diaries is rich in sexy, isn't it? And I am glad my visual aids could make you LOL, Lenore! My job here is done. :D

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