Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Reads!

Claire Merle
A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelley 
I bought this book having heard great things about it, read the first page and then left it sitting on my shelf for months. I don't read much historical fiction and I never quite felt 'in the mood'. Finally, I decided to give it another go, and it has totally reeled me in. Donnelley masterfully evokes another era, another world. Her writing is warm, lyrical and rich and her characters totally engaging.

Heather Anastasiu
Just finishing up Gabrielle Zevin's ALL THESE THINGS I'VE DONE, which is just awesome. Anya's voice is really authentic, the world-building is spot on, and Zevin just has the magic of creating characters you can't help but fall in love with.

Kristen Simmons
I just finished RENEGADE by my very own editor sister/apocalypsie pal Jessica Souders and O.M.G. This book starts out deliciously creepy, and gets freakier by the page. The underwater world drew me in immediately – it’s complex and fascinating and unlike anything I’ve ever read. Evie is such an intriguing lead; she’s vulnerable and kind, comfortable in her sexuality, and as tough as Trinity in the Matrix. And Gavin…wow. Just wow. This book kept me surprised (and horrified – in a good way), until the very end. Book 2 cannot get here fast enough.

Susanne Winnacker
I’m currently reading HEARTLESS by Gail Carriger. It’s the fourth book in the Parasol Protectorate series. I loved the first three books and book 4 doesn’t disappoint either.

What are you reading this week?

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