Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Favorite ALTERED Scene

This week we’re supposed to talk about what our favorite scenes are from our books. And not to be lame, but the first chapter of ALTERED is by far my favorite. Trying to put the why into words is harder than I thought it’d be, however.

A large part of ALTERED is spent running from someone, shooting someone, or hiding from someone, so I wanted that first chapter to show the reader how Anna, the main character, has lived her life the last few years. I wanted the reader to know what she was leaving behind when her life finally turned upside down.

But most of all, I wanted to show how much Anna cared for Sam (the love interest), and I wanted the reader to feel how hard it was to care for someone you couldn’t touch. Because the Sam Anna knows has spent the last few years locked on the other side of a glass wall.

There’s something simple and poignant about that first chapter (I hope). Anna wants Sam and she wants Sam to want her, but there’s more than just a glass wall standing between them.

Whenever I talk about the genesis of ALTERED, I can’t help but describe it as a story that started with a boy and a girl. A girl who loved the boy so much, she’d do anything for him. I can't imagine the book opening anywhere else than with those two.

Jennifer Rush is the author of ALTERED coming Fall 2012 from Little, Brown. Check out her blog for news and updates.


  1. I'm totally intrigued! Sounds like a scene I'd LOVE. Can't wait to read Altered!

  2. I'm swooning a little at the thought of this scene. I can't wait to read it. There's something so wonderful about books that can be reduced to something so simple and so wonderfully human--like a girl who loves a boy and would do anything for her.

  3. Aw dang, I am seriously PINING to read this book already, and you just made it worse!!!!!!

  4. :D These comments make me one happy writer!

  5. Sounds like a great scene to love over others--can't wait to see this book released! :)