Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I write science fiction thrillers

I would have to say most of my influences for what I write are video games and animes.  There’s almost one playing all. the. time. at my house.  If The Husband and/or The Son aren’t playing video games, they’re watching animes. Since I’m usually taking care of The Daughter or reading/writing while they’re doing all that and I only get half or, most of time, only a quarter of the picture, my mind tends to fill in the blanks and a story is born.

I have to say though that the inspiration behind RENEGADE was a mix of a bunch of different things.  My fascination for all things ocean related.  My love for the 1990’s science fiction television show SeaQuest and my son’s favorite video game BioShock.  You’ll see a common thread, I’m sure.  They all involve the ocean!

I’ve always been fascinated with living in a colony on the ocean floor. In fact, I used to tell my mom when I was rich and famous marine biologist (ha!) living on the ocean floor, I’d buy my parents a house right next to mine.

When SeaQuest came on I was just becoming a teenager and I was like, "wow that’s not that far in the future. I could totally see all that happening!"

I started writing stories about people living in sea colonies, read as much as I could about Atlantis, even started taking more science and math classes in the hopes of learning the science behind the sea colonies,  but it was my perfect vision and a perfect society is boring. 

It wasn’t until years later that I was reading a news article about people’s obsession about being perfect, while listening to my son play Bioshock that it hit me.  A perfect society is only boring if it really IS perfect.  Not if it’s only the ILLUSION of being perfect. 

So, I was able to write a story incorporating almost all of my favorite things.  If only I could find a way to incorporate a horse in there somewhere.  :D

Too bad horses are messy and Mother doesn’t like messy things…


  1. I love ocean colonization stories, too! They're so fascinating! I'm putting Renegade on my wishlist right now. :)

    If you liked SeaQuest DSV, you should definitely check out an old 90s Australian kids' show called Ocean Girl. It should still be up on YouTube.

  2. Hi Amanda! Thanks for the suggestion! I think I DID see that, but I'm not sure. *Goes to youtube*

  3. I've always had an affinity for undersea societies. I love the premise.

  4. OMG I LOVED SEAQUEST DSV!!!!! I cannot tell you how much I loved that show. Oh, and now you've done it - ripped open all my old Jonathan Brandis wounds.

  5. Love the idea of sea colonies - awesome!

  6. Seriously, Kristen?! Jonathan Brandis was my imaginary BF all through middle and high school! I still miss seeing him in stuff. :(

    KC: Thanks! :D